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Northeast Elementary School6

Clarksville, TN | Montgomery County


December 12, 2013

My daughter attends this school and she has an IEP. I feel that her teachers aren't making the effort to make sure that my daughter is able to keep up in class. If you see a student who's grade is below average you would think the teacher would call the parent and not continue on with progress report and report card as a below average for their students. Every day I have to teacher her a lesson plan first before we can continue on to the homework that she is assigned from the teachers. She is missing homework and only has half of the homework that is supposed to be brought home every day. We are new to this school system and I don't like it. We'll if this student is struggling with certain areas that you yourself read in her IEP report don't you think that you would have a concern in those areas to help the student out? Right now I'm am not happy with this teaching system when it comes to special need kids with IEP reports the special ed teacher lacks a lot. I would not recommend this school to a parent who has a child that is delayed in certain areas with an IEP report. I'm looking into another school that can cater to my child's needs. Not a happy parent!

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October 16, 2013

My son attended this school for 2 years and we loved it! We are military and we were nervous about moving here since we heard a lot of bad things about some of the schools but after our experience I would recommend them to anyone!!

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September 11, 2012

Teachers and administrators are excellent! Both years my son has attended Northeast, his teachers communicate well and have demonstrated exemplary foresight identifying potential problems and addressing them with our cooperation before they became problems. Love this school.

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June 26, 2012

My daughters teach Mrs Jana Moffet was amazing! I wish she could be my daughters teacher every year. The school isn't perfect I feel they could do a better job including parents in their childs education. The car rider pick-up line is HORRIBLE you have to get there an hour before school lets out to get your kid on time. If you want to go in and pick them up you have to check them out early. I wish the school would allow you to go to your childs classroom and pick them uo when school lets out, I like to talk to the teacher every now and then to see how things are going. But at NEE they do not promote that.

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February 22, 2012

I have not been extremely impressed with this school and their discipline techniques. My sons have very good behavor don't ever get in trouble yet they are loosing their recess all the time, not because of their behavior, but their classes behavior. What motivation does this give our kids, too keep doing good, and or do better!? I also think our kids as a whole, do not get enough recess! Kids need to be able to be kids too!

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February 21, 2012

No stars for this school. My gradchild started attending this school during this school year (2011-2012) and the amount of incidents that have accumlated over this time has left me speechless. One problem was solved through the school and parents working together to obtain a solution, even though this took many meeting. Then another problem arose. There is no end when teachers and administrative staff do not look out for the welfare of children in their care to prevent them from being harmed.

February 11, 2010

My daughter has attended northeast for her first year of elementary school. I could not ask for a betters front office staff. Well one to be exact. The other I have nothing nice to say anything about so we will leave it at that. Her teacher Mrs. Moffet I couldn't ask for anyone better to teach my daughter. The communication between her and parents it perfect. NEES is lucky to have a teacher that goes above and beyond for her students!

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October 1, 2009

My daughter is in kindergarten and I love the way the teacher works with the parents. My daughter is a little bit behind in her speech, but her teacher is always encouraging my daughter and giving me resourses to help her.

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May 26, 2009

My son has attended Northeast Elementary School for 2 years now and we have had a great experience. It is clean, well equiped, and has an excellent communication system with the parents. We had 2 wonderful teachers (K&1) who gave our son a super start to his education experience. The only negative is a rude office staff! But fortunately, the rest of the school shines!

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April 19, 2009

This school is so bad I can't even bring myself to give it a star. The staff is not supportive nor friendly. The communication between the parent/teachers and staff is sad. The work is insulting and not challenging to the student. The after school programs are near impossible to get into thanks to over crowding, even if the child needs it. If this is the best clarksville has to offer then our children are all in trouble.

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August 7, 2008

Great school, great teachers, my son loves it, very safe.

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January 3, 2008

We have a 10 year old who has been diagnosed with ADD. Any parent who is faced with this understands how challenging it is to teach a child with ADD. The teachers and faculty at Northeast have done an extremely good job at seeing he has the best opportunity to succeed. My son was an A student in the 3rd grade and is now doing great things in the 4th. We re fortunate and thankful for the friendship and professionalism shown us as parents.

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August 7, 2007

Last year was a nightmare, office staff RUDE, teacher never returned notes sent to school or e-mail messages. No budget for classroom supplies parents must pay a 'school fee' per child. Over crowed class rooms and my child was changed to a new class half way thru the year and her class played catch up till the end and never did get to the point they should have been. Unhappy 2nd grade experience we hope and pray 3rd grade will present with a much better year. Will keep you posted!

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August 3, 2007

My children have been attending NEES for 3 years. I can honestly say that I have never had a bad experience in this school. The teachers are very helpful and appreciate any time you are able to help out in the class. Which has helped me stay aware of what my children are learning in class. The office staff is also very accommodating. They always have smiles and hellos and seem to drop what they're doing when you have a question or concern. (Reading the other reviews I'm assuming there has been a change of office staff in the last few years.) In no way could they be referring to the present staff. Although I wish there was before and after school specials for the children, I realize that it's not the choice of the individual school for these programs.

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August 1, 2007

I have two children who went to NEES, and I believe the teachers are wonderful at their job, but I agree the office staff does need a lot of work. Just trying to get my children transferred to a new school has taken me weeks, and because the office staff cannot get me what I need my children may have to start school late. It is very unfortunate for a school with great teachers to have to deal with that office staff. I hope all these reviews will send a message but so far I see that it has not.

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